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The Ballancer Pro

The World Renowned Leader in Lymphatic Drainage.

20 min

$80.00 Single Session


6 pk $130

12 pk $180

1 month Unlimited $125

2 months Unlimited $230

3 months Unlimited $325 


30 min

$120.00 Single Session 


6 pk $180

12 pk $300

1 month Unlimited $250

2 months Unlimited $465

3 months Unlimited $625

Ballancer Pro recommends  6 45-minute sessions at minimum, 12 is preferable for best results. 

45 min

$175.00 Single Session
Try a "trial" session for $65


6 pk $210

12 pk $360

1 month Unlimited $385

Approx. $15/session

2 months Unlimited $725
Approx. $14/Session

3 months Unlimited $975
Approx $13/Session

 Unlimited Packages are guaranteed 4 sessions per week.

"I had implants that burst and had mold in them.  This caused my white blood cell count to be off & I developed lumps.
My doctor advised that since my lymph nodes were clean & the cause of cancerous lumps was toxins, Lymphatic Drainage was safe. 
I had tried other machines but nothing is like the Ballancer. 
In 3 weeks my lumps were reduced in half & my white blood cell count had normalized.  I LOVE this machine!" 
Chelsea R.

Experience the World Renowned

Ballancer Pro Lymph Drainage System.

This machine can:


* Do in 45 minutes what takes your body 4 - 6 weeks on it's own.

* Is as effective as having 4-6 massage therapists     working on your lymph system at the same time!

* Can reduce healing time from injury/surgery by weeks!

* Can decrease scars & scar tissue

* Aids in weight loss

* Reduces cellulite appearance

* Removes excess water (edema)

* Reduces inflammation and pain, and more!

Try a 20 minute FREE session on us! Or do a full 45 min session only $65 (65% off!)




For a SUPER toxin busting good time add a 20 minute Medical Grade Red Light Therapy with any regularly priced Ballancer session for only $20 (1/2 off!)


Call today because spots fill fast! 208.263.3211

Enhance Your Health

A Few Benefits of the Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage System 

Weight Loss & Appearance of Skin Benefits:

  • Aids in weight loss

  • Reduces look of & smooths cellulite

  • Improves elasticity & health of skin

  • Fades scars & stretch marks

  • Alleviates swelling & bloating


Injury Recovery/Athletic Injury:

  • Speeds up post injury healing for ankles, knees, you name it!

  • Speeds up workout recovery & reduces lactic acid – used by many professional and Olympic Athletes

  • Reduced soreness                              


Overall Body Function:

  • Aids in digestion

  • Boosts immune system

  • Reduces headaches

  • Reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, which also helps aid in weight loss

  • Reduces aches, pains & inflammation

  • Reduces discomfort & appearance of Varicose veins

  • Eases Plantar fasciitis symptoms allowing the foot to heal

  • Relieves/reduces ankle swelling/Knee swelling so healing happens

  • Resolves & prevents Lymph Gland blockages                                            

Pre & Post Surgery: 

  • Speeds up post-surgery recovery

  • Alleviates swelling & bloating from surgery

  • Helps the body heal faster – getting rid of toxins from surgery.                                                                               

Experience the wonderful health benefits by calling today to schedule your appointment at 208.263.3211!


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