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Meet The Team for the Sandpoint ID Region: 

You should KNOW you are cared for.  That is our goal at Aiyanna Wellness Spa - that each person from staff to client KNOWS they are cared for and supported in a life that blossoms with Wellness! 

Chelsea Redwood, LMT 25+ yrs

Chelsea LOVES watching her clients walk out feeling better and knowing she just made their day!

Chelsea is a wealth of information about the body, having attended many continuing education courses, including many that are attended by advanced medical professionals such as Doctors and Chiros.

Chelsea owned her own spa for many years and is an excellent therapist who seeks to give clients an incredible experience. Having been through pain herself, she is great at helping people live more pain free!

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Anali Rowley, Esthetics & Reception, 10 yrs

Anali has been in the spa industry for 10 years as an Ethetician, and more than 7 as a Recptionist.

Anali enjoys helping clients with various services and is an expert navigator when it comes to booking platforms. 

Anali loves this area and enjoys the great outdoors with her family, going camping, fishing and more. 

Linsey Kucherry, LMT 11+ years

Linsey brings extensive knowledge of stretching and deep tissue work to the massage table,

It's not uncommon for her clients to be in awe of her deep tissue abilities.  She is also skilled at Facial Cupping, Thai Massage, Ashiatsu, Gua Sha/scraping, Reflexology Trigger Point & Prenatal massage.

Linsey is deeply caring, insightful, and a delight.  As a mama of a toddler, she knows what it's like to be a busy mom! She loves helping her clients and is passionate about getting them results.

Breanna Pic for

Breanna Rogers, LMT 

Breanna is newer to massage but already has a good following of clients who enjoy her quirky humor and wonderful heart.

Breanna can do good deeper tissue work and truly cares for her clients, wanting to make sure each one walks out happy and a little more carefree than when they arrived. 

Robert Miko, LMT & Acupuncturist, 36+ yrs


Miko is known for "fixing" problems for his clients & for helping the rest of the staff achieve excellent results for their clients, using his extensive training in both Massage Therapy & Acupuncture.

He knows the body inside and out and he knows how to help reverse patterns that cause pain.

Miko loves sharing his "tricks of the trade" with the team.  He has taught at several massage colleges, mentoring the next generation of students!

Jeanette Wilcox, LMT 25+ yrs

Jeannette has magic hands that put your body into relaxation almost immediately!  And she has done it all - including medical, and high end spa.


Jeannette often blends several massage styles to customize her clients experience according to what they need. She can help clients with digestion issues, chronic back pain, and more.  She sets her intention for healing before a client walks into the room and is a delight   

Desiree George, Esthetician 9+ yrs

Desiree loves making her clients feel good about the skin they are in.  Desiree owned her own waxing clinic in Cali before moving to Sandpoint.

Desiree enjoys doing treatments that get people results such as enzyme facials and peels, and id highly knowledgeable, a great friend, and a joy to have around.

Desiree is easy going, kind, and she helps her clients feel very welcomed.


Chasya Nicolls, Esthetician

Meet Chasya, one of the newest members of our team!

Chasya is a Sandpoint native and loves Esthetics, but waxing in particular.  


Having her own skin struggles she finds it amazing to be able to walk with other people on their skin journey and help them with solutions!

Chasya grew up around Esthetics (her mother is an Esthetician) and learned a lot from her along the way, including how to do lash lifts, eyebrow tints, etc. Then she went to school for her formal training and license. 

Chasya has a beautiful heart is a compassionate and caring human!

Aime C pic.jpg

Amie Comber, Reception & Client Relations

Amie is a professional brand storyteller and marketer. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and led Social strategy for an international organization. Amie is passionate about connecting authentic brands to their audiences and supporting customers face-to-face with joyful interactions. She has over 10 years experience with client-facing roles. 


Amie has an ever-growing learning list and currently spends her free time studying aerodynamics for flying or learning the ropes of sailing. 


At the front desk, she’s excited to meet you, hear your story, and ensure you have a rejuvenating visit. 

Our Story

Aiyanna means "blossoming" or "eternal flowering" - and that is our heart for our clients and our staff - that we support the blossoming of YOUR well-being. We have a passion for nurturing your being in all aspects and we want you to feel pampered and refreshed and amazing every time you are here.


Our staff is some of the most highly skilled in the industry, most with 10+ years of service in the massage world and offering traditional massages, as well as specialties such as Medical or Therapeutic Massage, Thai Massage, Gua Sha, Cupping, Acupuncture, Hot Stone Therapy, Hydrotherapy, & much more.  If you have heard of it, we probably offer it!

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