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Welcome to the
Aiyanna Salon!

Serving the greater Sandpoint ID region

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Angie Bureau

Hair Stylist 24+ years

Angie owned her own Salon for many years in the Sandpoint area. 


She enjoys being very active in her community and is beloved by many!


 Angie excels at hair color, hair cuts, and more. Clients rave about her skills and enjoy her friendly nature and sense of humor! 

Gina Lathom

Nail Technician, 3.5+ years

Gina has been a Nail Technician for several years, focusing on Gel nails. 


Gina truly focuses on her clients and when they are in her care, they are number 1!


She loves doing professional quality polish as well as Gel nails. She has a huge smile and a big heart!

For a manicure or pedicure, call her at 208.255.0116 or use the button below to book online.

Karissa Dawson

Nail Technician, 9+ years


Karissa has been a Nail Technician for over 9 years, focusing on Gel nails. 


Karissa is meticulous at ensuring her clients are happy, and she runs a clean and efficient environment.  She is also kind and friendly and loves doing nails and interacting with her clients.  She is a delight!


For a manicure or pedicure, call her at 208.290.3290 or use the booking button below.

As posted on the Gift Card page, please be aware that Salon stylists and nail techs are their own business. As such, they cannot receive spa Gift Cards,

as they each are their own entity.  Thank you for noting!

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