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Aiyanna is a place of well-being.  From Far Infrared Sauna with chromotherapy, to our mineral enhanced steam shower, and our world renowned Ballancer Pro Lymphatic drainage machine, we all about Your health and wellness!

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with Chromotherapy

Imagine being told you have an illness,  need medication & that’s the only route back to health. Then, imagine stumbling on something that changes that illness in your body and turns your life around!


That is the story behind our Aiyanna Wellness Spa Radiant Far Infrared Sauna, designed by a former fire fighter who was exposed to so much toxins that his body was in constant pain and he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

He became passionate about Far Infrared Sauna and deep dove into the best Saunas on the market, later started selling Saunas. It occurred to him that he could enhance the benefits so he started designing his own Far Infrared Sauna’s with low EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) and no VOCS’s to ensure non-toxicity, which is not standard procedure industry wide. 

In designing his own brand, he consulted with doctors, chiropractors, herbalists, and other specialists to best meet client’s needs. This technology is so safe, it’s the same kind of technology that is used to keep premature babies comfy and warm.

 This sauna heats the body not the air.  This becomes a workout for the circulatory system and can help the body burn up to 600 calories in a single 30 minute session when you whisk your sweat consistently.

This particular Far Infrared Sauna also has had EMF measurements performed by an independent lab testing the heaters, body point of contact, and the electrical connections and wiring which also give off EMF’s. It averaged the lowest in the industry so it’s incredibly safe and beneficial.

To enhance this Sauna’s powerful benefits, color light therapy was added, including red light which has many clinically studied benefits.

After sweating it out in the sauna, most of our clients LOVE getting into our mineral infused steam shower. 

Single Use Sessions:                                  30 Minutes for $20

Good Deal:                               5 Sessions for $75 – Saves $25

Better Deal:                          10 Sessions for $120 – Saves $80

Best Deal:                              Unlimited use per month: $130

 Mineral Infused 
Steam Shower

We start with good clean water by removing all chemcials, pcb's, etc. Then, our system infuses the water with the mineral content of some of the best hot springs in the world.  Leaves your hair & skin nourished & healthier!

Single Use Sessions:                     20 Minute Session for $15

Good Deal:                            5 Sessions for $60 – Saves $15

Better Deal:                       10 Sessions for $100 – Saves $50

Best Deal:                             Unlimited use per month: $110

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