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Discover Aiyanna

Nestled in the heart of the Idaho Panhandle, Aiyanna Wellness Spa is a sanctuary

for rejuvenation and holistic well-being. Immerse yourself in our serene atmosphere and let us pamper you from head to toe. Experience the ultimate bliss at Aiyanna Wellness Spa.

Aiyanna Wellness Day Spa December Specials:

December Specials at Aiyanna are designed to bring warmth & serenity into your being! And they help you provide the gift of Wellness to loved ones!

Hot Stone Massage:
Nothing warms the body like a Sauna & Hot Stone Massage, easing aches, detoxifying the body & flooding muscles with needed oxygen! 
Get a 20 min Sauna Session + 90 minute Hot Stone Massage + tension relieving magnesium
only $135 (saves $25)

Age Erase Facial with a Skin Enhancing Twist...
Get our special Collagen Boosting Drink, a 60 min Anti-aging Facial, and 20 mins in our Medical Grade Red Light Therapy bed (known for helping the body produce collagen and reduce fine lines/wrinkles) - all this goodness only $129! (saves $56!)

Gift Certificates:
All gift certificate purchase will automatically include $10 bonus bucks for your recipient to use however they like towards tip, product, another service, etc. 
Go here to purchase: 


Ballancer Pro World Renowned Lymphatic Drainage -
the Rolls Royce in the industry is at Aiyanna! 

Check out Testimonials here:


Scroll down and you can see how this wonderful machine is helping

                                       change people's lives for the better!

One client even had their bloodwork tested after a 45 min session

and said it had never come back so clean!
       Get 12 Sessions for December only $320 (saves $40)​


         Sending warm wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season full of love & light!!!

Limited Time Offer

Get our Powerful Pain Relief Package Just $149! (Normally $325 - Saves $176!) 

Designed for regional clients desiring a natural pain approach.

 This one time offer Includes:

* Complimentary Pain Analysis & Pain Reduction Plan

   (Covering pain, inflammation, edema, historic injury, & more)

* 60 min Therapeutic Massage

* Stress Relief Acupuncture Session 

* 30 min Lymphatic Drainage Session

* 20 min Red Light Therapy

* Complimentary Mini Jar of Magnesium Cream for home use!

Claim your Pain Relief Package today!  

Availability dependent on open spots.

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