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White Crosses

The Owners

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Arla Markael 

Arla is a north Idaho native, whose family has been in the Bonners/Sandpoint area for generations. Arla is passionate about health, having received her minor degree in Health & Wellness. 


Creating a Wellness center has long been a passion and is a joy to see unfold. She loves her team and is devoted to making Aiyanna a great place for both staff and clients! 

She is a proud mama of 2 wonderful sons.  She also loves animals, having 2 dogs, and a horse. Horseback riding, hiking, reading, and water fun are things she deeply enjoys.  

Arla also has partners, Patrick & Sandra Drapeau, who generously helped get this lovely spa started and are involved as needed. They are wonderful people with HUGE hearts

Our Story

Aiyanna means "blossoming" or "eternal flowering" - and that is our heart for our clients and our staff - that we support the blossoming of YOUR well-being.


We have a passion for nurturing your wellness in all aspects and we want you to feel pampered, refreshed, and healthier every time you are here.


It’s long been our dream to create a wellness center that integrates many aspects of health. We designed Aiyanna to be such a wellness center, addressing many different needs of our clients health, wellness, and beauty. 


We carefully choose well crafted products, such as our Anima Mundi apothecary products, designed to enhance your physical and emotional well-being and we can’t wait to connect with you!


Our services are about optimal health, including highly experienced master massage therapists and our world renowned Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage Machine that does wonders for the body, and our red light therapies that can actually heal fine lines, and enhance your skin. 


It is our desire to enhance your life and help you blossom!


We love connecting with you!


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