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Reverse the Effects of Aging & Reduce Pain & Inflammation

with Red Light Therapies at Aiyanna for the Sandpoint ID Region!

People who know about Red Light therapy's benefits will travel far and wide to get it!  We have Medical Grade Red Light Therapy, as well as other FDA approved devices & LED Light therapies to enhance your well-being, increase your energy & help you look and feel younger! It is important to ensure RLT is done with the proper wave length, and correct infrared technology. We got you covered!

Spa Facilities

About Red Light:

Red Light for Weight Loss:

* When used for weight loss, RLT can rev your metabolism, increase energy, drain toxins, burn calories, increase ATP production, & studies show it can decrease fat mass at twice the speed of exercise alone! It also reduces workout recovery time! 

Red Light for Anti-Aging & Healing Scars

Red light can help skin produce collagen, which decreases fine lines & wrinkles.  It targets mitochondrial chromophores within skin cells, generating collagen production, & the STEM cells may  be activated, increasing tissue repair. The result is accelerated healing, wound repair, & improved skin texture! It also can strengthen hair and provide skin with firmness & elasticity!

Red Light for Pain/Inflammation:

In clinical studies, RLT helped decrease neuropathic pain caused by spinal cord injury. When RLT & Near Infrared light wavelengths are combined, it eases joint stiffness & pain, diminishes inflammation, eases muscle spasms, enhance circulation & blood flow. 


Red Light is also being used for remediating Traumatic Brain injuries, and it can help with Thyroid issues, testosterone production, hair growth & more!

Available Red Light Therapies at Aiyanna Wellness Spa:

Medical Grade Full Body RLT:

Relax on a warm massage table with full body medical grade LED Red Light Therapy - rejuvenating your cells from above.

It includes all the wonderful benefits of RLT for the entire body. Extremely safe & effective and the combo of LED RLT & correct wavelengths of our machine allows the therapy to go into the body twice as deep as most machines!!  Sessions come in either 10 or 20 minutes.

Red Light therapy is most effective when laser lights are used over halogen or fluorescent bulbs, which can emit Radio frequencies that are disruptive to the body and have an opposite effect of what is intended for healing.


Targeted Lipo Belt

Target stubborn fat in the midsection with our Lipo Belt.  This clinical strength RLT device can help you lose inches around the bra line, waist, & stomach.  Double your results with our Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage machine - you will find weight loss at any age comes MUCH easier & in a relaxing manner! Sessions are 20 minutes long.

Anti-Aging Face Device

This device looks like an Alien face, but it's effective and you can watch TV on your phone or text during the 10 minute session.  It targets fine lines, wrinkles, but can also help decrease acne & other common skin issues such as Rosacea.

Sessions are 10 minutes long.

Red Light Therapy Pricing

Medical Grade Red Light Therapy Pricing:

10 Minute Sessions:

Single Session $20

6 pk only $60

12 pk only $95

1 Mo Unlimited $125

20 Min Sessions

Single Session $40

 6 pk only $105

12 pk only $185

1 Mo Unlimited $199


Targeted Lipo Belt Pricing:

20 min Single Session $20

3 pk only $50

6 pk only $90

1 Mo Unlimited $99

Anti-Aging Facial Device Pricing:

10 Min Single Session $15

3 pk only $40

6 pk only $80

1 Mo Unlimited $69

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