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Therapeutic Services

We love helping our clients with optimal health and wellness.  We have designed service packages to help with some of life's most frustrating health and wellness struggles such as pain management and weight.  Let us walk through your frustrations with you - life's beautifully amazing when you can feel connected and cared for!

Baby Sleeping

Deep Sleep Package

Want quality sleep?  There are some things we can do to help.

1 hour on the massage table = 7 hours of deep rest for the body. Plus we have several tools of trade to help with long term healthy sleep, such as our sleep cream and services that help you with body hormone balance and pain reduction with our Red Light Therapies and Lymphatic Drainage. 

To schedule a consultation exploring what will work best for you, call 208.263.3211. 

Meditating in Nature

Breathing Freely 

People suffering from long COVID or respiratory illness that hang on can benefit from our Breathe Tea & Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage Jacket Sessions.  Clients walk away more rested, have an easier time breathing & a sense of euphoria!  Single Session $60. Best done at least 3 x's in 10 days.  3 pk is $135.

Back Pain Treatment

Pain Relief Package

Pain can have various sources.  Many of those sources can be neutralized with things like Acupuncture, Massage, Magnesium cream Lymphatic Drainage (remove toxins that interfere with sleep hormones) & more.  To schedule a consultation exploring what will work best for you, call 208.263.3211.  


Magnify my Weight Loss Efforts

Several services at Aiyanna can exponentially improve your weight loss efforts.  

Our Far Infrared Sauna helps the body burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes when sweat is wisked away. 

Even better, it helps elimiate toxins in the body as does our Ballancer Lymphatic Drainage machine.  Toxins are often stored in fat cells cauasing the body to hold onto the fat to protect intself.  AND having toxins in the body interrupts to body's communication via hormone distuption that makes sleep hormones and other hormones less effective.  Removal of toxins really helps!


Plus, we have medical grade Red Light Therapy that helps burn away fat cells at double the rate of exercise alone.  Add in our Fat Belly Tonic & you have a recipe for success!  Get your consultation today at 208.263.3211!

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