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Beauty Spa

Massage, Acupuncture & Pain Reduction     

Our Sandpoint Idaho are professional massage therapists expertly work with multiple modalities to relax and provide a healing environment. Some of the most requested include Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stones. Additional

enhancements can be added to treatments when a massage is booked.

Each massage therapist works with individual clients to locate specific needs and help relieve pain. 

Learn more about our staff on  "The Team" page. 

Scroll down for our powerful pain relief package options!


We have several staff on call, so if you can't find availability online, just call or text 208.263.3211 & we will get you in!


45 min Massage

$80 Cash/Venmo

$85  Credit Card

senior massage.jpg.png

90 min Massage

$130 Cash/Venmo

$135  Credit Card

Image by alan caishan

60 min Massage

$90 Cash/Venmo

$95  Credit Card

woman facing wall massage pic.png

75 min Massage

$110 Cash/Venmo

$115  Credit Card

couples massage at peace.jpg.png

120 min Massage

$175 Cash/Venmo

$180  Credit Card


During the booking process, you may want to add enhancements that help you achieve the results you desire with your massage.  

These include cupping, deep tissue, targeted acupuncture, magnesium cream

(melts muscles), hot stones, hand or foot treatments, & more. Options will be presented while booking.


Couples Massage

Aiyanna has 2 couples rooms, one overlooking the lovely Elks' golf course. Any of our massages listed above can be made into a couples massage.

Acupuncture Offerings:

With 37+ years of professional experience in Acupuncture & Massage therapy, our acupuncturist works with each client to achieve tangible results. His doctorate in Acupuncture taught him the techniques to masterfully aid the body in healing & reverse negative cycles. 

We recommend clients complete a full AcuGraph session to assess the specific needs of their body. 

This highlights what is out of balance and the treatment requirements. 


Full Body Acupuncture

Battlefield Acupuncture

Image by Antonika Chanel

Stress Relief Acupuncture

 $90 Cash/Venmo

$95  Credit Card

Includes AcuGraph Session

Full AcuGraph $50

30 min Assessment

Get a comprehensive AcuGraph reading for your body, and a complimentary plan for treatment.

$40 Cash/Venmo

$45  Credit Card

Effective pain relief !

$40 Cash/Venmo

$45  Credit Card

Feel your body relax immediately!

About AcuGraph:

AcuGraph 5 is a revolution in modern acupuncture, enhancing the effect of

ancient techniques by applying modern science. This combination makes acupuncture treatment

easier & more effective with real time data.

Providing evidence-based exam data and acupuncture point selection, AcuGraph is like a lab test for acupuncture, displaying it's efficacy. 


AcuGraph measures electrical skin resistance, using a tiny voltage you won't feel. The measurements are captured, digitized & interpreted by advanced software that provides amazing accuracy & insight. 

Custom Pain Reduction Session

2 Hour Session

 $200 Cash/Venmo

$210  Credit Card

Our goal for this session, is to get your pain lowered by no less than 4 points in 2 hours, using an assortment of pain relief options.

Dr. Miko, our Acupuncturist, has extensive training in trigger point, massage, articular therapy, PRRT, e-stem, and much more. 


This grab bag session will include a full AcuGraph assessment to assess & monitor your progress.


Together, you will set goals for long term pain reduction, including homework to keep you in pain free living!

Back Pain Treatment

Limited Availability Offer

Get our Powerful Pain Relief Package Just $149! (Normally $325 - Saves $176!) 

Designed for regional clients desiring a natural pain approach.

 This one time offer Includes:

* Complimentary Pain Analysis & Pain Reduction Plan

   (Covering pain, inflammation, edema, historic injury, & more)

* 60 min Therapeutic Massage

* Stress Relief Acupuncture Session 

* 30 min Lymphatic Drainage Session (reduces swelling/pain)

* 20 min Red Light Therapy (helps cells w/energy to heal)

* Complimentary Mini Jar of Magnesium Cream for home use!

Claim your Pain Relief Package today!  

Availability dependent on open spots. Because we are offering many services in this package complimentary, you are able to decide what helps lower your pain the most. This package at this price is only available one time per customer.  Thank you!

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