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   The Ballancer Pro   

         The World Renowned Leader in Lymphatic Drainage is                            available in the Sandpoint, Idaho region!                

20 min

$80.00 Single Session


6 pk $130

12 pk $180

1 month Unlimited $125


30 min

$120.00 Single Session 


6 pk $180

12 pk $300

1 month Unlimited $250


45 min

$175.00 Single Session
Try a "trial" session for $75


6 pk $210

12 pk $360

1 month Unlimited $385

Approx. $15/session

 Unlimited Pkgs guaranteed 4 sessions/wk 

40 years of clinical studies show that best results are achieved by starting with 12 45-min sessions to begin with and then maintenance after that. Each clients lymph "freeway" system will respond differently depending on current and past toxin exposure.

"I had implants that burst and had mold in them.  This caused my white blood cell count to be off & I developed lumps.
My doctor advised that since my lymph nodes were clean & the cause of cancerous lumps was toxins, Lymphatic Drainage was safe. 
I had tried other machines but nothing is like the Ballancer. 
In 3 weeks my lumps were reduced in half & my white blood cell count had normalized.  I LOVE this machine!" 
Chelsea R.

Experience the World Renowned

Ballancer Pro Lymph Drainage System.

This machine can:


* Do in 45 minutes what takes your body 4 - 6 weeks on it's own.

* Is as effective as having 4-6 massage therapists     working on your lymph system at the same time!

* Can reduce healing time from injury/surgery by weeks!

* Can decrease scars & scar tissue

* Aids in weight loss

* Reduces cellulite appearance

* Removes excess water (edema)

* Reduces inflammation and pain, and more!

Ask us about a discount "trial" session to see how you like it! 




For a SUPER toxin busting good time add a 20 minute Medical Grade Red Light Therapy with any regularly priced Ballancer session for only $20 (1/2 off!)


Call today because spots fill fast! 208.263.3211

Enhance Your Health

A Few Benefits of the Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage System 

Weight Loss & Appearance of Skin Benefits:

  • Aids in weight loss

  • Reduces look of & smooths cellulite

  • Improves elasticity & health of skin

  • Fades scars & stretch marks

  • Alleviates swelling & bloating


Injury Recovery/Athletic Injury:

  • Speeds up post injury healing for ankles, knees, you name it!

  • Speeds up workout recovery & reduces lactic acid – used by many professional and Olympic Athletes

  • Reduced soreness                              


Overall Body Function:

  • Aids in digestion

  • Boosts immune system

  • Reduces headaches

  • Reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, which also helps aid in weight loss

  • Reduces aches, pains & inflammation

  • Reduces discomfort & appearance of Varicose veins

  • Eases Plantar fasciitis symptoms allowing the foot to heal

  • Relieves/reduces ankle swelling/Knee swelling so healing happens

  • Resolves & prevents Lymph Gland blockages                                            

Pre & Post Surgery: 

  • Speeds up post-surgery recovery

  • Alleviates swelling & bloating from surgery

  • Helps the body heal faster – getting rid of toxins from surgery.                                                                               

Experience the wonderful health benefits by calling today to schedule your appointment at 208.263.3211!

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