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Finding Beauty in Every Turn for the Sandpoint, Id region!

From the "Holy Grail" beauty award winning Glo2Facial, classic mud Facials, & free radical neutralizing enzyme facials, to lash extensions, lift & tint, dermaplaning, waxing & more - we got you!


The "Holy Grail" Beauty Award winning Glo2Facial by Geneo is here! 
Selections to suite your needs:

Choose from basic "Bronze" level Glo2Facial for face only, or level 2 to include face & décolleté, or go all out for best results and get face, décolleté, and 2 upgrades with our 24K Gold Glow2Facial!

Geneo O Detox Customization.jpeg

Glo2Facial - Bronze (Basic) Level


Short on time but seeking results that still pack a punch? This one is for you! Oxfoliate with O2 bubbles, amplify via the ultrasound experience (LUX), and detox with hands-free lymphatic massage for clean, calm and naturally hydrated skin.


30 minutes to a new glow!

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Massage Technology 2.jpg

24k Gold Glam Glo2Facial - with 2 upgrades!


Oxfoliate with O2 Bubbles to gently exfoliate and oxygenate your skin, amplify with light ultrasound experience (LUX) to smooth and plump the skin while enabling better absorption of a customized serum, and detox with hands free lymphatic massage to sculpt and reduce redness. Option to choose from 7 customizations each made with natural, highly effective botanical ingredients, there is a solution for all skincare needs. Skin is clean, calm, and naturally hydrated.  This includes 2 complimentary treatment add-ons of your choice, extended massage, dermaplaning, medical grade red light therapy, add arms or other body part.

60 - 75 mins - depends on need.


Some upgrades may take more time but no extra charge. 

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Geneo O Ultrasound_edited.jpg

Glo2Facial - Silver (Enhanced) Level


Glo2Facial treatment with oxfoliation, lite ultrasound experience (lux), and detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage is extended to include neck and decollete, manual extractions, enhanced sculpting massage technique, and customized take home product recommendations.

45 - 60 mins to amazing results! (depends on need)

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The Wonders of Glo2Facial: 

* Winner of the Best Facial of 2023 “Holy Grail Beauty Award" by Cosmopolitan Magazine

* Called the “Facial of the Future”.

* Featured in multiple magazines!

* Healthy ingredients and oxygenation = healing skin from the inside out!

* Lasts for days with super soft skin!

* Customizable "oxfoliation" (exfoliation with Oxygen) pods for every skin type & need! 

Spa Setting

Facials for Your Skincare Needs

woman with face mud.jpg.png

Aiyanna Mountain Lake Facial - 1 hr  $110

This 60 min classic mud facial includes the basics of cleansing, light exfoliation, steam, toning, facial massage & moisturizer PLUS our mineral rich proprietary mud mask, leaving your skin feeling soft & nourished. With a light & refreshing scent, our mud is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Image by Adrian Motroc

Aiyanna Refresher Facial - 30 mins  $65

Short on time but want a professional touch? Try our Aiyanna Refresher Facial.  Includes the basics of cleansing, light exfoliation, steam, toning, facial massage & moisturizer.

woman facial with towel on head.jpg.png

Aiyanna Hawaiian Facial - 1 hr $125

Using the world renowned Malie Organics line, you get carried away to the tropics for an hour!  This skincare line is mild, great for sensitive skin and helps your skin feel more hydrated and radiant in the winter months when skin tends to dry out! 

facial with white mud.jpg.png

Aiyanna Enzyme Facial - 1 hr $125

Using the Award Winning Skin Script line, this seasonal facial removes dead skin cells, neutralizes free radicals, and helps your daily skin routine become more effective. Full of anti-oxidants, it is also anti-aging and a delight to the senses, utilizing fruit extracts with scents differing depending on the season. It's a favorite!  

Relaxing Facial

Aiyanna Age Erase Facial - 1 hr $135

Rejuvenate mature skin with an Age Erase facial that includes Red light Therapy. RLT stimulates collagen production, reducing fine lines & wrinkles. We use our Red Light anti-aging device after the serum/moisturizer to help product go deeper into the dermal layers. Includes: Cleansing, Toning, Enzyme mask, Anti-aging Serum, & Anti-Aging moisturizer + RLT!

facial pink.jpg.png

Aiyanna Acne Facial, 45 - 60 mins  $110

Our kind and caring staff will go over skincare needs, factors that affect skin, how to reduce breakouts, as well as do an acne busting facial and it includes the use of Blue Light Therapy, known to reduce acne.  

Spa and Wellness

Full Service Waxing 
You need hair removed? We got you!

woman lip wax.jpg.png

From extensions to lash lift & tint, we can make your eyes strikingly alluring...

Brown Eyes
Massage Room

Esthetics Enhancements

To enhance your results, we also offer the following:

* Microdermabrasion

* Chemical Peels

* High Frequency Facials

* Dermaplaning

* Dermaplaning Facials

* Facial Cupping (no bruise, just look of lift)

* Cleansing Back Facial (for back acne)

* Medical Grade Red Light for Collagen production

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