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Our beautiful spa that serves the greater Sandpoint ID area...

Image by Karoline Soares

Why Aiyanna?

Aiyanna means "blossoming" or "eternal flowering" - and that is our heart for our clients and our staff - that we support the blossoming of YOUR well-being.


We have a passion for nurturing your wellness in all aspects and we want you to feel pampered and refreshed and healthier every time you are here.


It’s long been the owner’s dream to create a wellness center that integrates many aspects of health.


We designed Aiyanna to be such a wellness center, addressing many different needs of our clients health, wellness, and beauty. 


We carefully choose well crafted products, such as our Anima Mundi apothecary products, designed to enhance your physical and emotional well-being.


Our services are curated to assist you in achieving optimal health. Each service, from massage with our highly experienced master massage therapists or therapy time on our world renowned Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage Machine which does wonders for your body, or our medical grade red light bed, each service can help improve your health and well-being. 

Stay tuned because we have more wellness professionals joining us in the coming months to create a wonderful wellness center – here to take care of YOU!



Went to Hayley for the first time. Best massage I've had in a long time.


She did a great job of adjusting her massage to what she was feeling in my muscles.


She also made sure she knew what I wanted from my time and determining the best ways to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Hayley.  


- Linda M.

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